Gospel is unchanging but update tools of dissemination

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The Church must harness new social media tools to ensure that the Gospel message is heard by everyone, a visiting Ugandan priest said in an interview recently.

The Gospel message does not change but the tools that are used, those keep changing with the times,” Fr Lubula Joseph said.

A priest for seven years, Fr Joseph is presently doing his licentiate in Communications at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome. As part of the programme, Fr Joseph is undertaking his pastoral assignment in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, which ends on October 3.

“My coming down here was after some research that I did about how social communications is handled in the Archdiocese,” Fr Joseph explained, adding that he intends to utilise what he learns to bring change in his own diocese in Uganda in the near future.

The Catholic Church cannot risk lagging behind in the rapidly developing field of social communications, he warned. “We need to move with the times, use every tool at our disposal to preach the same Gospel message (proclaimed) centuries ago.”

Fr Joseph said that during the time of St Paul, debates in ancient Greece were held in public places called piazzas. “People could come with their arguments, and others would gather around to listen and applaud the best orator”.

St Paul himself went out into the piazzas all the time, including one known as the Aeropagus, to preach the message of the risen Christ. “People would come into those places and argue with him about the existence of God and the faith all the time,” the learned priest added.

He said that the internet and social media platforms were the modern day public places that the Church must utilise to proclaim Christ to the world. How social media is used, however, would inevitably depend on the resources available to each diocese.

“Dioceses in the so-called first world countries handle things differently because the audience they have is different,” he said. There are dioceses with TV and radio stations capable of organising major campaigns to disseminate the message of the Gospel.

“There are also other weak dioceses that only have a computer, if they are lucky to have one, or even those that only have the sounding of the drum to send out (their) message,” Fr Joseph said.

“I really believe it all plays into what means of communication, what tools you have at your disposal. It’s not how many you have, how big they are, but how you are utilising the little you have.”

He commended the KL Archdiocese for its effective use of social media. Despite not having its own TV and radio stations or a big newspaper publication, the KL Archdiocese was able to use simple tools at its disposal effectively, Fr Joseph found, and as a result showed itself to be more vibrant than some of the bigger dioceses in the world.


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